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“The speeds alone are enough to make this a ‘must have'”
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vh editor choice12/01/2009The seven-bay N7700 from Thecus® Technology continues to woo hardware media worldwide. Offering massive storage capacity and top-notch performance, the N7700 is certainly worthy of its “ultimate NAS” moniker. Recently, Virtual Hideout was able to test the N7700 to see if it was truly up to snuff. In the end, the discovered that the N7700 doesn't kid around, delivering unheard of transfer speeds and impressive storage capacity. They liked it so much in fact, that they have it their coveted Editor's Choice Award!

First off is an introduction to the N7700: "Thecus is a company whose products I've reviewed quite a few times now. Their high end Network Access Servers can go toe-to-toe with anything. It was two years ago that I reviewed the first version of the N5200… The 5200's drives are sitting at 15731 hours and counting. I have not had a single issue with the 5200 since its review. So with my experience, when Thecus decides to call the N7700, the “Ultimate NAS” I'm going to sit up and take notice. Just looking at the N7700 gave me a pretty good idea of its capabilities. Having 7 drives gives the possibility for an enormous amount of storage. 14TB unformatted? Wow.”

When it comes to performance, the N7700 is unrivalled: "So how else do I say this except “damn that's fast!” 96MB/s sustained transfers! During some transfers I was hitting peaks of 100 even 105MB/s. Gigabit Ethernet has a theoretical max transfer rate of 125MB/s, which will never be possible because of overhead. I can't image anything getting much more than 110MB/s. There is an updated version of the 7700 that can have a “10GB Ethernet” upgrade, and the reported maximum speeds are 300MB/s… How's that for getting it done quick.”

The conclusion: "Once again I will say I'm impressed with the N7700. The speeds alone are enough to make this a “must have”. There are features I don't need, features I can't use fully, and features I can't test. Those features of course will be very handy, if not required by some users, so your mileage may vary. But for reliability, speed, ease of use and features, it's incredibly hard to beat Thecus's high end NAS units."

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