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“The most energy-saving and quiet home NAS device”
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DititalHome Editor Choice11/30/2009Users at home want a NAS solution that provides good functionality and data protection, but can also do it without creating too much noise or using up too much costly power. For these users, the N2200 from Thecus® is a tremendous boon. In their October 2009 issue, DigitalHome Magazine got a hold of the N2200 and decided to put it through their gauntlet of tests. When they were finally done with it, they discovered that the N2200 is an excellent NAS for the home, calling it “the most energy-saving and quiet home NAS device”. They liked it so much, that they awarded it with their Editor Choice Award!

Editors begin with a short introduction to Thecus® and home NAS units: “NAS devices are storage units connected to a network, and in this space, Thecus can be considered as the best. Home NAS units can provide many functions and features, including file protection, management, and sharing, that are common in office environments.”

The N2200 is incredibly easy to use: “The N2200 comes with Thecus' newest AJAX user interface, which makes initial setup surprisingly simple and convenient. Hot swapping and auto-rebuild functions make it easy and quick for you to expand your storage capacity. Also, the convenient USB copy feature allows you to simply press a single button to copy all the contents of your USB disk into the N2200. The device provides several hard disk storage modes including RAID 0, 1, and JBOD. Users can use Thecus' Backup Utility and Nsync remote replication for easy access to enterprise-grade protection.”

For handling multimedia, the N2200 is a champ: “The N2200 provides complete multimedia features, including an iTunes server, photo web server, and media streaming server (DLNA/uPnP). The PS3 and other DLNA-compatible multimedia devices can stream audio and video files stored on the N2200. The Download Manager (which supports HTTP, FTP, BT and Emule) allows users to schedule downloads during off-peak hours. This is both stable and energy saving, and doesn't require a computer to work, saving you both time and money. It can even connect with IP cameras to create a simple surveillance server.”

For the full review, check out the November 2009 issue of DigitalHome Magazine.

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