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New centralized client backups from WSS server dashboard
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12/02/2014- With the release of the world's first Windows Storage Server 2012 Essentials NAS, Thecus has empowered numerous SMB users with countless enterprise-class features, such as data deduplication and File History. Centralizing client backups to the server Dashboard is just another way Thecus and Microsoft are bringing advanced IT tools to everyday users.By redirecting backups from individual clients and allowing the configuring of those system image backups on the server instead, backup and restore tasks that were previously measured in days can now be done in a few hours.

How computer backup works

The following things happen during the backup each day:

  • Network computers are backed up one after another.
  • A backup that is in progress finishes, even if you close the backup window.
  • Windows Updates are installed, and Windows Server Essentials restarts (if required).
  • On Sunday, Backup Cleanup runs.

Start a backup from the Launchpad

There may be times when you want to back up your files and folders prior to the regularly-scheduled backup time set up on your server. The Launchpad enables you to initiate backup of your computer manually.

To start a backup

1.Open the Launchpad.

2. Click Backup.

3. In the Backup Properties dialog box, in the Backup status section, click Start backup, and then click OK.

4.Type a description for the backup, and then click OK. The status changes to Starting backup, and then to Backup in process with a percentage complete.

5.After backup starts, the button changes to Stop backup. If the backup is in progress and you want to stop it, click Stop backup, and then click Yes. When you stop a backup in progress, the status changes to Backup was cancelled with the date and time that the backup was started.

6.When the backup finishes successfully, the status changes to Backup succeeded with the date and time that the finished backup started.

7.Click OK to close the Backup Properties dialog box.

Set up backup for a client computer

If backup is disabled, you can set up backup for the computer from the Dashboard. When you set up backup for a computer, you can choose to back up everything on the computer or select the volumes and folders that you want to back up.

To set up backup for a client computer

1.Open the Dashboard, and then click the Devices tab.

2.Click the name of the client computer that you want to set up backup for, and then in the Tasks pane, click Set up Backup for this computer.

3. In the Set Up Backup Wizard, you can choose to back up all of the folders or select certain folders that you want to back up. Follow the instructions in the wizard.

4.Click Close when backup is set up for the computer.

On-site data security is now available to everyone from enterprise to home users with the array of Windows Storage Server NAS brought to your by Thecus and Microsoft. With the Windows-based interface and effective hardware brought to you by this leading partnership, neither cost nor IT know-how stand in the way of you and perfect peaceofmind. 

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