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Thecus, Microsoft, Intel, and Seagate discuss world's first Wintel Essentials NAS
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11/20/2014-Following the announcement in September of their major network attached storage collaboration, Thecus, Microsoft, Intel, and Seagate are excited to report on the success of their international press events last week in Taiwan, Germany, and Italy. Taking place in the prestigious W Hotel in Taipei, Classic Remise Berlin, and the city of fashion, Milan, the events showcased not only the latest ‘Essentials' NAS, but also presentations from each of the new line's contributors.

“The fruition of a decade's commitment to innovation and partnership with the leading names in hardware and software, our Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials NAS are the most powerful solutions available for users seeking affordable, easy-to-use, cloud-ready storage.”Florence Shih, CEO at Thecus Technology Corporation.

Microsoft's Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials is a versatile operating system designed from the ground up specifically for storage hardware. With specialized tools dedicated to data protection, secure remote access, and cloud service integration, WSS 2012 R2 Essentials empowers SMB owners to manage their networked data with a minimum of necessary IT skills.

“Thecus has a track record of hardware excellence and developmental agility. Working closely with their production team, we've created an ecosystem to power the latest version of Windows Storage Server for small businesses that wish to leverage cloud services in a NAS appliance.”Peter Han, VP Worldwide OEM Marketing, Microsoft.

When looking at the hardware backbone of these devices, each is powered by dual-core Intel Atom processors, offering users the perfect balance between performance and energy efficiency. And thanks to the in-depth integration of Intel hardware across the whole system, users can enjoy a powerful networking hub for up to 50 users.

To ensure sound performance of the system, Thecus partnered with Seagate Technology to populate the W5000 unit with Seagate's 500GB solid state hybrid drive (SSHD) as a boot device.  The Seagate SSHD portfolio offers the speed of SSDs, combined with the industry's highest storage capacities. Seagate's breakthrough Adaptive Memory™ technology identifies and stores only the most critical data a system needs to go fast, without sacrificing performance and capacity. 

“Integrating Seagate SSHD as a boot device is a creative path to gaining the speed of flash technology and the capacity of an HDD to hold operational data on the front end of the Thecus solution.  This frees up the rest of the bays for NAS optimized storage drives such as the Seagate NAS HDD to manage the primary SMB data.   Moreover Seagate looks forward to working closely with Thecus and its partners to optimize NAS integration for the entire W5000 system and keeping the SMB IT infrastructure moving forward with compelling solutions,” said Joel Hagberg, Vice President, Product Management at Seagate. 

Taipei Event

John Tsai, Technical Marketing VP (Thecus)

John Chang, Global Business Strategist (Microsoft)

Helen Ho, Account Technology Strategist (Microsoft )

Morris Sun, Senior Regional Business Development Manager, Storage & Big Data, APJ (Intel)  

ChiuNan Chu, Senior Staff Engineer (Seagate)

Berlin Event

Milan Event

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