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FoxNetwork has a good impression about Thecus N16000PRO NAS
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10/27/2014-FoxNetwork, a Russian website which has been growing in popularity among technology-savvy audiences in Russia, has just finished testing the Thecus N16000PRO NAS.

During their in-depth review, FoxNetwork paid special attention to the 16-bay's impressive hardware: “Certain information about the hardware of the Thecus N16000PRO NAS can be obtained even without opening the device. One simply needs to enter the Hardware Information sub-group in the System Information group in the device's web-interface.”

“Generally, we are happy with the Thecus N16000PRO NAS we tested. It demonstrated stable data transfer speeds and possesses an array of capabilities that allow for increasing the disc space and backing up files. We can recommend the Thecus N16000PRO NAS to companies that need to store significant volumes of information and have high-speed access to them.”

N16000PRO Features

  • High data access speeds
  • SATA and SAS interface support
  • Ability to install additional network cards (including 10GbE)
  • IPv6 support
  • Ability to increase the device functionality by installing free add-ons
  • Availability of a stand-by power unit and ability to back up the entire device
  • Ability to aggregate network interfaces and group the NASes into a stack
  • Firmware upgrade process can be done in a manual or semi-automatic process
  • Ability to scan user data for viruses
  • OpenVPN support

Thanks to the FoxNetwork team for the great review! 

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