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“A compelling solution for small businesses”
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10/24/2014-Tackling the complicated topic of acoustics and IT technology is the bread and butter of the team over at Silent PC Review. Shying away from no realm of the industry, they recently put the Thecus N7710-G to the silent PC test.


“Undoubtedly, the Thecus N7710-G's backbone is robust hardware.” The Pentium G850 “is faster than most of the processors driving competing NAS devices and the 4GB of RAM is a big bonus as well.” Making this deal even sweeter is the fact that it's “easy enough to upgrade.”

The bundled 10G network card makes it a great choice “for small video editing/production shops and other operations that require similar fast remote processing and storage of large files.”


“On the software side, it supports all the features you would expect in a NAS including VMware support, different backup options, encryption, link aggregation, just about every type of RAID, and the ability to have multiple arrays with different file systems running concurrently.”


“The Thecus N7710-G is a compelling solution for small businesses looking for a high performance NAS system, especially if their current storage needs max out a smaller 4-bay unit. Not only are there additional drive bays but some of the system's hardware can be upgraded over time, and one potential upgrade, 10 GbE, is ready to go. It also provides good value at its current price of US$1000~$1100. The 7-bay NAS category is tiny but competing 8-bay NAS servers in the same price range almost all have lesser hardware and lack 10 GbE.”

Thanks to Lawrence Lee and the rest of the SPCR team for the review!       

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