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“A simple, but solid performing networked attached storage server”
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09/03/2014-Big Bruin are no strangers to leading information technology, nor Thecus NAS for that matter. Making a 3 year leap to the N2310, they found themselves again labelling a Thecus NAS as ‘Recommended'.


Even before getting to their array of transfer tests, Big Bruin made sure to go deeper into the N2310's hardware and investigate its economy. Finding it “uses just 14W while at idle and… up to 28W while active,” they concluded that the little NAS draws “just about half of what [a] recently reviewed 4-bay” competitor does.

Once everything was confirmed there, Big Bruin moved onto the meat of the review. What really stood out here was the 64KB transfers: “Writing to the N2310 in the 64KB portion of the test yields a transfer rate that seems like a mistake... 88MB/s. It is a very good number, and happens to exceed the published specification for the device's capabilities (rated at 80MB/s write). Repeated testing confirmed that numbers in this range are consistently possible.”

But the N2310 didn't stop there. With previous disappointments for NAS USB transfer rates in mind, Big Bruin made sure to investigate this niche performance as well. They found, to their surprise, that the impressive interface “could write the file to the N2310 at just under 30MB/s and could read the file from the N2310 at about 70MB/s.

Recommended for Good Value

Highlighting its optimal placement in a small network where files and media can be shared “at up to almost 90MB/s”, Big Bruin were “definitely impressed” by the value of the device, and concluded that the Thecus N2310 2-bay NAS server deserves “the ‘Recommended' and ‘Good Value' awards for offering a simple, but solid performing networked attached storage server.”

Thanks to Jason Kohrs and the rest of the Big Bruin team for the review! 

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