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“The Thecus N5550 will deliver well beyond its price tag”
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08/22/2014-Boasting a comprehensive feature sets, affordable pricing, and user-friendly software, the next generation of NAS have significantly changed the landscape of their industry. Techware Labs decided it was time to see where the Thecus N5550 stood in the new wave of today's NAS.

Initial Impressions

With a sturdy exterior and pleasant design, the N5550 has the looks of a high-tech gadget.  While it may have all the right styling, it also provides great features. “The decision by Thecus to include a front panel LCD is a big bonus in my opinion, as it allows for quick status updates without having to log into the management interface.”


The N5550 utilizes a long list of SMB features to help reach your business needs including iSCSI, RAID migration and expansion, data backup/recovery tools, and much more. “There are also a lot of features that are not necessarily SMB centric, such as photo/video/streaming support, IP camera, and mobile device support. The Thecus N5550 has an impressive feature list, which should cover just about anyone looking for a fully capable NAS in this product/price range.”


“The Thecus N5550 will deliver well beyond its price tag, compared to other 5-Bay NAS devices from competing vendors, which is a welcomed and unfortunately rare trait for tech products these days.”


  • Impressive high performance
  • Responsive and functional web user interface
  • High value, considering feature set and performance vs. product cost
  • Reliability during unexpected drive failures
  • HDMI, USB, and Audio ports allow for direct KVM access

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