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“The Thecus is a multi-award winning device and has shown me great performance”
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08/12/2014-More and more photographers are realizing the importance of data backup and additional storage. The recent article by Digital Photography School helped highlight this move by showing what the Thecus N2560 can do for people who share a passion for photography. Let's take a closer look.

Why are NAS useful for photographers?

Making life easier is exactly what Thecus has in mind when they design a new product, and there are just some problems that you can't solve without a NAS. A simple one is keeping your data safe: “You don't know the pain of losing a backup until you've lost client work that you can't get back, or worse, family photos that mean a lot and are irreplaceable.”

As a photographer themselves, the author also mentioned a specific problem they encountered while showing some portraits to a client. Suddenly, the client asked for another specific picture they had taken during the shoot. Fortunately, the Thecus NAS solved the problem quickly and easily: “As I'd put the entire unedited folder into the ‘working directory' on my NAS, I connected to the internet via my iPhone hotspot and browsed the NAS to show her the set of images that I'd not chosen. We found her photograph and everyone was happy!”

Easy fix on your desk

The N2560 is a refined NAS from Thecus that will become an important part of your life without you even realizing it. No wonder, with the device being “relatively small” and performing “quietly (20db).” Besides, you don't even have to be worry about electricity consumption as “the little guy only uses 9W of power and 14W under load.”

Finishing up the review with an impressive score, Digital Photography School had this to say about people wanting a new NAS perfect for beginners: “If you're looking for a well priced, entry level NAS to introduce into your digital workflow, this little Thecus N2560 would be a decent option.”

Thanks to Simon Pollock and everyone at Digital Photography School for the review. 

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