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“The N7710-G has everything professionals could ever hope to see in a NAS”
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08/05/2014-Mini-PCs and custom-built network storage systems have had quite a history with traditional NAS systems. In home and work settings they have battled it out, each trying to outdo the other in terms of performance, features, reliability, and cost. Looking into getting the latest results from this ongoing conflict is NikkTech.

The Thecus N7710-G

Aimed at larger business and enterprise environments (or just those looking for “the most powerful NAS we've reviewed to date”), the N7710-G is outfitted with 7 drive bays and a single 10GbE PCIex card which can offer up to 10 times the network speed of current 1GbE solutions.” So when it came time for comparisons, it was found to not only beat off its predecessor (“The N7710-G offers everything we wanted to see with the N5550 and then some”), but also other market leaders (“Surprisingly enough although the N7710-G comes complete with a 10GbE card it costs even less compared to the TurboNAS TS-470”). Further, remembering that a powerful system without an effective OS is a ship without a helm, NikkTech also took the time to review the system's software; and compared to previous iterations, the UI was found to be “a lot easier to navigate and use… [and] lacks nothing we can think of.”

In wrapping, NikkTech wrote that “the N7710-G has everything professionals could ever hope to see in a NAS, it's very fast, build quality is excellent, has room for up to 7 drives, comes ready with a 10GbE card and the ThecusOS offers a lot in terms of available options.” So all in all, that looks like 1 to traditional NAS systems.

Thanks to Nik Kastrantas and everyone at NikkTech for the review.

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