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“Feature-rich, robust, simple to setup and use”
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07/31/2014- While just a decade ago, owning an optical disc burner for your storage needs was enough, today's multimedia and hi-def files require more than a humble 4.7GB of space. The need for backups then of this data can be traced to poor hardware maintenance, faulty components, acts of god, and even user errors; so for those serious about their data safety (such as the team at Help Net Security), Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices have become the go-to answer. 

Introducing the Thecus N5550 

As “a prime resource for information security news since 1998”, Help Net Security was impressed not only by the Thecus N5550's affordable inclusion of an Intel Atom Processor (1.86GHz Dual Core) and 2 GB of DDR3 RAM, but also the ease with which said memory can be upgraded. Beyond that, its “well made” and “robust” exterior sports a variety of ports: USB 2.0, USB 3.0, HDMI, VGA, eSATA, LAN2, WAN/LAN1, MIC input, line input and audio output, as well as an LCD display “for accessible monitoring.” For even greater accessibility and versatility, the media ports allow for computer-free administration of the NAS and direct media playback to traditional monitors, projectors, televisions, and sound systems.


Turning to the system's software suite, Help Net Security found the GUI “rich with options,” as well as “well laid-out and easy to use.” In terms of functionality, they noted its support for storage and backup tasks, and also its potential role as a mail or IP camera server. Next, Help Net Security moved onto the Thecus App Center. With “an impressive number” of free apps that “span several categories”, a few were sure to catch the security-minded eyes at Help Net Security, such as “Nagios, McAfee Antivirus, TrueCrypt, xCloud, Dropbox, Syncrify, WebMin, Splunk, Ruby on Rails, Apache and MySQL.Finally, the review touched on the N5550's mobile support with T-OnTheGo (which “allows you to access and manage files, as well as play videos directly from your Thecus NAS”) and T-Dashboard (which “enables you to view the status of the device and control some administrative functions”).  


After going through the device's highlights,Help Net Security finally concluded that the Thecus N5550 is “feature-rich, robust, simple to setup and use”, with a “wide appeal” that's “a good fit for anyone storing and managing terabytes of data with security in mind.” 

Thank you to Mirko Zorz and everyone at Help Net Security for the review.

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