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“The strongest NAS I have tested so far”
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07/21/2014-An Intel Pentium Dual Core CPU, 4 GB of DDR3 ECC RAM, and a 10GbE Ethernet card, all wrapped up in a high-quality case. An impressive spec list like this may appear daunting to novice consumers and tech journalists alike, but to the team at Tech Power Up, it was an invitation to not hold back.

The Complete Package

At the heart of the Thecus N7710-G runs ThecusOS 5, “a custom-tailored”, “mature and reliable” operating system which, far from being daunting, actually “allows even inexperienced users to fully exploit the hardware's capabilities.” Features offered by the operating system include RAID levels up to 50 (which “operates by striping data across RAID 5 sets for high performance and increased reliability”) and support for over 225 apps (developed by “a very active community” to “greatly enhance its usability”). But do all the N7710-G's features translate into real world performance gains?

Unbeatable Performance

By designing a NAS for the fast-paced and demanding realm of SMB networking, Thecus is playing into a category where it already has “lots of experience.” It makes sense then that the N7710-G was the strongest NAS tested so far by Tech Power Up, with the bundled 10GbE card allowing for “lightning-fast network speeds if you have compatible networking equipment.” Thanks to the combination of this interface and the other aforementioned hardware, the Thecus N7710-G “performed amazingly well in its most probable daily routines, our multi-client tests, leaving every other NAS I have evaluated in the past far behind it.” Consequently, it was confirmed to be a great networking solution for “professional users that are looking for a high price/performance product with strong hardware to support demanding applications and multi-user environments.”


Finishing up the review with an impressive score, Tech Power Up had this to say about the new king of the hill: “It is very fast, currently the fastest NAS I have evaluated in multi-client scenarios, very reliable, and well built, offering a ton of capability because of the strong components it packs.”

Thanks to Aris Mpitziopoulos and everyone at Tech Power Up for the review.  

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