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“A dual power supply, four bay rack mountable behemoth”
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07/20/2014- With a knack for all things related to the world's transforming digital lifestyle, the team at Digital Reviews were well prepared for the Thecus N4510U PRO-R. Let's see what they had to say about the new Thecus 4-bay rackmount NAS.

A Look from the Outside

Once outside the box, “the N4510U PRO comes with everything you need to get up and running: With its two power supplies, the unit comes complete with two power cables, a short length of CAT5e, two fixed shelf rails, a bag of HDD screws and four drive bay security keys.” Thecus's newest 4-bay rackmount “is a very solid rack unit” providing a “neat” design for its users.

A Look Inside

With a very “straight forward interface,” the N4510U PRO provides users with a seamless environment. “The user interface on the N4510U PRO was consistent and easy to navigate.”

“Among its abilities, the N4510U PRO can be woken via a WOL (Wake On LAN) magic packet and can also be scheduled to turn on/off automatically using a 7 day timer. The unit supports all the regular networking protocols including SAMBA/AFS/NFS and FTP and is highly configurable.”


“The Thecus N4510U PRO is an industrial strength unit, capable of high speeds and we found it to be very reliable and highly configurable. The web interface was easy to navigate and the overall experience was good. The addition of the LCD information screen on the unit itself - particularly at this price point - was also a welcome addition.” 

Thank you to Paul Moons and everyone at Digital Reviews for the review. 

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