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New Thecus 10GbE card boasts system-enhancing features and functionality
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07/07/2014- Announced last month, the new Thecus C10GTR has been making waves online with almost one hundred[1] pages being dedicated to the 10 gigabit Ethernet card. Described as “a network card par excellence”[2], the latest Thecus NIC has tempted numerous consumers into “the rising 10GbE tide”[3]; but what exactly is it that makes the C10GTR such an attractive option, and can it do more than drastically improve your new NAS's transfer speeds?

Device Compatibility

The C10GTR first arrived on the market bundled with the N7710-G and N8810U-G, making them the first Thecus NAS to come standard with 10G network speeds. Also, as a result of years of hardware experience and technological foresight, the card is further compatible with older Thecus products, such as the Top Tower Series (N6850, N8850, N10850) and enterprise rackmount line (N8900, N12000PRO, N16000PRO). Thecus users seeking even higher network performance and reliability are also able to aggregate 10G connections by installing two C10GTRs in the above models.

Fitting both x4 and x8-sized PCIe slots also ensures the cards versatility beyond NAS, with substitute systems ranging from home computers all the way up to server systems running Windows Storage Server 2012, WSS 2008 R2, Windows 8, Windows 7, Linux 2.6, Linux 3.x, VMWare 5.x, or Hyper-V. This nifty NIC doesn't stop there with its flexibility, however, thanks to its backward compatibility with both 1G and 100M networks.

A Breath of Fresh Air

As a result of the explosion in mobile data and the widespread move to consolidation in the cloud, users and network engineers alike have looked for improved tools for scaling up network speed[4]. Fortunately, the C10GTR offers a cost-effective answer with its easy implementation into existing systems and networks. Older devices can be given a new lease on life thanks to 10x faster transfer speeds that require only a negligible investment and initial downtime. Particularly ambitious users, as previously mentioned, can install a pair of NICs into motherboards with available PCIe slots, set up Link Aggregation, and enjoy improved redundancy and speeds of up to 20Gb!

[1] At time of writing according to Google News.




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