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“Easy and user friendly”
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06/13/2014-The people at Photofocus realize the importance of storage.  As many may already know, photography requires a significant amount space for all the pictures taken.  That is where a NAS can become very handy. So let's take a closer look at just how a NAS can be a great solution for photographers.

User friendly

Many SOHO solutions are meant to be a convenient product for all types of users. That's mean the device can be enjoyed without endless headaches.  You have to download the Intelligent NAS software for Windows or Mac. It's a quick install and the software discovered my Thecus on my network. You then are walked right through the process of setting everything up. Simple and done even for my non-computer background.

A quick start

As soon you bring it home you will be able to use it thanks to the intuitive installation process taking only five minutes. “The NAS comes with a Quick Install guide and a 3 step process that will set everything up. The guide tells you how to insert the HDDs, connect the cable, and then gives you the URL for installing the software. That's it.

Connections between people

Having a great support system is important in the electronics industry.  Sometimes that is difficult to find.  With Thecus, help can be found with ease. I searched around on the user forums and they are quick to respond with any issues and info on upgrades. I like that about any company that I'm dealing with. Seeing customer support is a huge draw for me.


“The Thecus N2560 is a two-bay NAS targeted for the prosumer. What does that mean in layman's terms for someone like me? Simple, I have more storage space.”

Thank you to Pamela Ann Berry and the team at Photofocus

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