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“It's time to go into high gear!”
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06/12/2014-EDI, the well-known magazine dedicated to French IT distributors, this month reviewed the Thecus N7710-G NAS, highlighting that “until now, 10GbE was dedicated to High End Enterprise NAS, but now it has been invited to SMB devices. With this new interface, and 7 bays for disks, the Thecus N7710-G is focusing on capacity and performance.


Vincent Verhaeghe, EDI's editor, began the review with a description of the N7xxx range: “Thecus not only distinguishes itself from its competitors by creating a 7-bay NAS that's able to reach an incredible 35 TB data volume (with the latest 5TB HDD recently validated), but also with advanced features for data protection. He continued by exploring the RAID functionalities embedded in the system: “The N7710-G supports RAID 50 [...] but also more classic RAID levels, not to mention JBOD.  Following this, volume management was described as “very easy to manage thanks to the native web interface.


Moving onto the network connections available, EDI noted that while “the two classical 2Gb Ethernet ports with aggregation possibilities can raise bandwidth, the real plus is the 10GbE port… Explaining the rationale behind this hardware's inclusion, they wrote that
NAS capacities are getting bigger and bigger and single gigabit connections can become  bottlenecks, especially when you use SSDs, so it's time to go into high gear!

Along the same lines, EDI also underlined the sustainability of such an investment: “Another reassuring point is that companies can purchase the NAS even if they have not yet switched to 10Gbe infrastructure because they can use the simple gigabit ports until the migration happens later on.


EDI, continuing with the internal hardware specifications, also made sure to cover the impressive power of the machine: “The N7710-G's internal configuration is what we were waiting for. Thecus chose an Intel Pentium G850 clocked at 2.9 GHz and 4 GB of DDR3 ECC RAM- enough power to deliver the performance expected from this caliber of product.

Running all of this is ThecusOS 5. With a general NAS configuration section dedicated to common management tasks such as “volume and user management, shared directory control, and also advanced tools like iSCSI, thin provisioning, or network protocol tools,” there also exists a second dedicated to third-party modules, with “some modules included by default, like McAfee antivirus or the Acronis Backup tool.” EDI also made special mention of the N7710-G's video output, which allows users to manage the BIOS and even turn the NAS into a real HTPC.


Finally, EDI underlined the different backup options to cloud services embedded in the system, such as Amazon S3 and the exclusive EVault (a Seagate company) backup module. Furthermore, users have access to more than a hundred other applications for purposes as varied as virtualization, media playback, download management, and many others – which also highlight the strong developer community commitment to expanding the Thecus ecosystem.

Thecus would like to thank Vincent Verhaeghe and everyone at EDI Magazine for the review.  

The complete review (in French) can be found in the June edition of the EDI Magazine

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