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" Ready for all the surprises of home use "
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05/04/2006 – With impressive styling and unparalleled ease-of-use, the Thecus YES Box N2100 has been garnering impressive accolades from the hardware community since its introduction. Hardware website Xbit Labs recently took the N2100 out for a spin, and was very impressed with the 2-bay wonder.

Installing the YES Box N2100 hardware couldn't be simpler: “The HDD installation was amazingly simple. All I had to do was to undo 6 screws, remove the HDD chassis, slide the HDDs all the way into the chassis, put the chassis back into the box and fasten the screws. Just in case you cannot figure something out, there is the entire procedure step by step inside the user's manual, and the pictures there are so big and detailed, that you can hardly make any mistakes. Moreover, the LEDs of your N2100 Box will definitely show you if something goes wrong: in this case one of the LEDs will start blinking. It is a nearly ideal way to let the user know whether the device is ready to work.”

The Quick Copy function is quite handy: “[The Quick Copy Function] will be especially valuable for flash drive owners or those users whose computer recognizes their cameras as a regular storage device. All you need to do is to insert the flash drive into the front panel USB port, press the button and in a few moments you will get a complete copy of all your data in a special folder on the server. To avoid confusion with the copies you create, each folder contains the date and time of the copy process.”

The verdict? “In conclusion I would like to say a few words about the robustness of the Thecus YES N2100 Box. Throughout the test session N2100 was working in all possible conditions: sitting vertically or horizontally, sitting on the side with the open chassis, buried under the whole bunch of cables and components. And only once the system refused to work properly, when I accidentally placed it next to the heater. Nothing horrible happened: one of the status LEDs started blinking indicating that something was wrong, and the server stopped responding. I removed the system away from the heat source and restarted it: the server was back up and running. Actually it's an overheat protection of N2100. In case the NAS temperature reaches 60'C and continuously goes higher, the system will automatically shut off to protect the hard disk drives and the data. So, it is quite ready for all the surprises of the home use :).”

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