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“Right at home sitting next to the television”
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06/02/2014 A change is in the air. “Our computing needs over the last decade have changed significantly; more and more network devices are finding their way into our homes.” And with the increasing number of electronics and corresponding need for improved interconnectivity, “more households are either sharing files from one computer or choosing to go with network attached storage or NAS devices.”

In response to this growing demand, Thecus (“a market leader in small NAS devices”) released the Intel-powered and HDMI equipped N2560 NAS; and staying true to their name, Modders-Inc quickly tore into the “extremely easy to disassemble” 2-bay. But they didn’t stop there. After investigating the “lightweight and easy to navigate” operating system, Modders-Inc made sure to carefully examine the N2560’s performance and media capabilities.

Investigating transfers in both RAID 0 and 1 with Intel’s NAS Performance Toolkit and Crystal Disk Mark, Modders-Inc founds speeds of up to 117.63MB/s, meaning “network performance was as fast, if not faster in some cases than the shared storage on [Modders-Inc’s] home server” – something truly impressive for a device with such low power consumption.

On the media front, the N2560 was also impressing. Feeling “right at home sitting next to the television”, the HDMI and SPDIF ports, support for media players (XBMC and Plex), and iTunes server make this unassuming device the perfect home entertainment solution for the modern household. Or as Modders-Inc puts it, “You’ve got one capable little NAS.”

Thecus would like to thank Tom Brokaw and everyone at Modders-Inc for the review.


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