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“The Thecus N2310 is a NAS perfectly suited to the home/SOHO user”
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05/05/2014-Apple Daily Report – as the name already suggests – is an Apple product-centered media outlet. Seeing as the Thecus N2310 works with any kind of system, no matter its OS, it can also easily be accessed by Mac OS systems. So is the latest consumer NAS by Thecus and Apple computers a match made in heaven? Apple Daily Report set off to answer just that question.

Their review starts off with explaining shortly what a NAS is and discusses its basic function of being a file server.

Along with its hardware specs (“Advanced Micro Circuits Corporation [AMCC] 800MHz SoC processor and 512MB of DDR3 RAM”), the N2310 comes at an attractively low price yet still manages to pack in a respectable range of functions: “RAID support (0, 1, and JBOD); Web-based file access; built-in FTP server; a BitTorrent client; Plex Media support; and self-RAID creation.”

Setting up the NAS is also very easy and simple thanks to the Intelligent NAS utility: “Connect your N2310 to your home network, then download and run Intelligent NAS. It'll automatically find your NAS and allow you to implement your RAID or JBOD volume.

The review closes with the following conclusion: “With the N2310, you can easily set up your personal cloud from anywhere in the world. For those of us who prefer this route rather than entrusting all valuable data entirely to commercial, off-site ‘clouds,' that's a wonderful thing.” (And a fantastic rating of 10 out of 10!)

Thank you to Dennis and everyone at Apple Daily Report for the review! 

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