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“A quality 7-bay NAS solution at a lower price point than its 5-bay competition”
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04/28/2014- Brought to the market place to provide users with a high quality 7-bay storage solution at a minimal cost, the Thecus N7510 is suitable for business owners and home users alike. Having recently examined the ThecusOS web management suite, STH decided to give their take on this highly functional 7-bay NAS.

At a Glance

This NAS demonstrates extraordinary physical attributes.  Externally, the sleek, modern look is very distinctive. “The brushed metal face certainly differentiates its appearance from lower cost plastic enclosures. Likewise the prominent LCD placement is a great feature.” Inside, the locking drive tray latches provide essential protection. “This is important because in office settings, one does not want to have drives bumped and moved out of arrays or even stolen with vital business data.”

How it Works

Boasting an Intel® Atom CPU, 2GB of DDR3 RAM, and both VGA and HDMI outputs, this NAS is rigged to meet an array of different user demands.  Thecus was determined to go the extra step to provide users with unique functions- as iterated by STH.

Where Thecus has major differentiation is in the fact it has VGA output, HDMI output along with audio outputs. The important part here is that one can use this in a home or office setting to drive media output using these ports. In a home segment, being able to play audio or video directly from the NAS unit is excellent.”

Well there you have it

In STH's test run, the Thecus N7510 lived up to its reputation:

“… the Thecus N7510 has high quality internal components, and solid performance all at a price lower than many 5-bay competitors. That makes it a solid value.” 

A big thanks to Patrick and the rest of the crew at ServeTheHome for the review. 

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About Thecus®
Established in 2004, Thecus Technology Corp provides market leading network attached storage and network video recorder solutions, committed to revolutionize how everyone from home user to enterprise level business centrally stores, manages and accesses their digital data both onsite and cloud-based. Thecus strives to deliver continuous innovation through cutting edge technology and design to provide data storage with the most customer-friendly platform, rapid performance and robust security. In May 2016, Thecus was formally acquired by Ennoconn Corporation and thus became part of the Foxconn IPC Technology group. Partnered together this diverse group of companies work in tandem to provide a total IoT (Internet of Things) solution. Now with an unparalleled portfolio to work with, Thecus is collaborating to bring unprecedented change to the network storage industry.