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“Transfer speeds are fast, much faster than I expected”
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04/28/2014-With well over 1000 reviews under his belt, Kristofer Brozio is no stranger when it comes to technology. In fact, ever since his Commodore VIC-20, the Testfreaks review editor from Pittsburgh has held “an obsession with all things tech.” Given these impressive credentials, how would a modest, budget-friendly NAS stand up in a review from Mr Brozio?

To start off, Kristofer sets the context by explaining that the NAS is “the most useful type of storage solution out there for all of your digital stuff… [seeing as they] can do just so much more than a USB hard drive or flash drive.” So when Thecus released the N2310, this Testfreak knew what to expect from a “budget priced box.” Following the software's prompts, he easily got the N2310 up and running, and using the free Thecus DDNS, was able to quickly access the NAS via his mobile phone.

And then came the testing proper. Seeing as the N2310 is economical storage solution, it was understandable that Kristofer was not expecting to see the 2-bay perform overly well. But as the file transfers began to clock in, this little black box's performance turned out to be something out of the ordinary:

The N2310 sells for about $190 and [a leading competitor's 2-bay] sells for a little over $400, so the N2310 costs less than half… but you'll get very similar performance results.”

So with this unexpectedly good performance, what can the latest Thecus home/SOHO be used for?

a lot of things, general storage and streaming media are the most common probably, but you can also access it remotely so your files can stay safe at home but yet you can still get to them quickly and easily.”

Thanks to a comprehensive feature list and an impressive showing on the benchmarks, the Thecus N2310 earned itself a score of 9/10 and the TestfreaksRecommended” award.

Thanks to Kristofer and the rest of the Testfreaks team for the review!   

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