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“The performance was as good as my HTPC running Windows Media Center”
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04/25/2014-Missing Remote is a more specialized media outlet that focuses on everything related to home theater systems, including home theater PCs (HTPC). As NAS devices have been growing in popularity recently, Missing Remote was eager to see if they could replace more traditional servers that had stored most users' media until now.

Even though the review focuses on the N5550's HTPC abilities, the editor still covered briefly the NAS's hardware specifications – specifically highlighting its HDMI port.

Missing Remote's editor, Mark Garcen, then quickly switched over to describing his experience with the device and how well it pairs with XBMC – a media player downloadable from the Thecus App Center. The easy-to-understand guide on how to set up the NAS with this software made the installation child's play, so Mark was able to start using it shortly after getting the whole system up and running.

Once the system was running, he was especially impressed by “how responsive the system was. Menus and transitions occurred quickly… A variety of file types were tested as well, attempting to push the N5550 to its limits, including a 1080p MPEG4 file with DTS audio, and I did not encounter any sync or stutter issues.

Mark was skeptical at the beginning of his review as he remembered the hassle he had to go through while configuring XMBC on other devices, leading him to doubt that owning an N5550 wouldn't actually be worth it for media buffs. But as the testing progressed, and seeing how easy XBMC was to set up, he finally admitted that “you can color me convinced now thanks to Thecus.”

He continued, “With a retail of $599 (available at Amazon for $435) the N5550 is priced well below that of the competition and offers comparable server features and performance based on what I've seen and read. The ease at which it can serve the dual function of being both an HTPC and a redundant NAS server not only is convenient but will also save on electricity, as the Atom-based processor was consuming significantly less power than my Intel Core i3 full blown HTPC. The XBMC interface was a breeze to install, and the performance was as good as my HTPC running Windows Media Center.

The review finally concluded with the following list of pros:

  • Low power usage system
  • Affordable price
  • Simple integration of XBMC
  • Dual function for the price of 1

Thanks to Mike and the rest of the Missing Remote team for the review!

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