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New cloud backup solution available, powered by EVault and Thecus
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04/07/2014-The best way to back up your valuable data is to do so onto an external target, such as a dedicated server in a datacenter. Many companies offer such solutions, but should they be considered true backup or simply data storage?  Are the services you use clear about what features they offer? Today Thecus bring you the possibility to secure your data with the world-leader in specialized cloud backup and SAAS solutions.

EVault from Seagate is well known in the data protection world for its professional cloud backup solutions and numerous high-profile customers. They are also well regarded for their OEM-ised software from companies such as Oodrive, Labgroup, and Eurobackup.

Simply install the EVault agent on your Thecus NAS, set your account within the WebUI, and log into the service's website. Your NAS will automatically show up as a new device and start backing up your data.

With EVault, you can back up and restore data from anywhere in the world:

  • Your information will remain confidential from the beginning thanks to advanced encryption (using AES 256 with your own password),
  • Compressed for faster transfers,
  • There is no version limitation,
  • It can be customized to your company's backup policies,
  • The program can be scheduled for automatic tasks,
  • EVault uses deltablock technology to enhance efficiency during backup windows (only modified blocks are backed up between two copies),
  • And many more advanced options, such as bandwidth regulation, process priority setting (in cases where backups occur during operating hours), and one click restoration with rename or overwrite if destination file already exists instructions.

You'll no longer have to spend time worrying about to losing your RAID, human error, and viruses. EVault and Thecus bring you the perfect server, and peace of mind for all your IT staff. 

For more information on EVault, go to:

EVault modules are available on the official Thecus forum or on the Thecus App Center  

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