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“A life saver”
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03/21/2014-With a review focused on usability and lifestyle integration, The Gadgeteer published their specialized take on the Thecus N2310.

The personal cloud

The Gadgeteer began their review with a discussion of one of the N2310's key functions: as a personal cloud network device. Before they begin, however, they first have to answer why one would prefer a NAS over an online cloud service. So why not rely on company to provide a similar service?

My first issue is the security and availability of the data I put out in the cloud, I mean what if the service provider goes out of business or has a major security breach. That's why I limit the type of information I put out in the cloud. The second issue is space, a lot of the cloud service providers give you some free space but what if you need more? For individuals this solution may work but what about small or home based businesses? The Thecus N2310 NAS server is designed to provide a solution to those types of storage and accessibility needs.”

Then after installing and setting up the N2310, what role did it actually play in Larry's home office?

Let me tell you, right now in our infancy of use we are using the N2310 as a basic file sharing and storage device. Having access to our documents on the go is a life saver when you travel as much as we do. As we get more accustomed to the N2310 and as software options become available for the new OS we will be using it to store more media such as photos, music and movies.”

Thanks to the Thecus array of mobile apps, users truly can enjoy the benefits of having a personal cloud from anywhere in the world. So taking these weeks of use into account, what is The Gadgeteer's true-to-life bottom line when it comes to the N2310?

If you are a home user or small business in need of an affordable, redundant-capable NAS server, the N2310 should be on your list of options.” 

Thanks to Larry and the rest of The Gadgeteer team for the review!  

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