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“A power efficient, consumer friendly, NAS device”
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03/14/2014-Wade from HiTech Legion faced an unexpected data loss scenario:

I was backing up data off of a HDD that was starting to fail over to an external drive and happened to catch my foot in the cord of the HDD dock I was using. Needless to say, the drive went flying and hit the ground, causing it to fail instantly.”

After this unfortunate experience, Wade started looking for a centralized, safe location to store his data and decided that a NAS would be a “perfect solution” that would allow him to “back up data from all of [his] devices” and “access some of that data, such as family pictures, on the fly.”

Designed with the home and SOHO users in mind, the Thecus N2310 seemed like a good candidate. Its “very simple” setup and automated RAID creation come thanks to software easily found at and “only took a few minutes to configure.” Also on the software front comes the NAS operating system, ThecusOS 6, which includes “the FTP server, web based file access, and an access control list (ACL)” (to name a few). Thanks to the Thecus App Center, modules can also be installed for media streaming, photo galleries [and photo sync], BitTorrent, and mobile control.”

To ensure that their review of the N2310's features was even more thorough, HTL also included videos, such as an Overview and Benchmarks, Software/Firmware Tutorial and Overview, and a T-OnTheGo and T-Dashboard Tutorial.

Also taking into account power efficiency, HTL noted that the N2310 uses “a low energy AMCC 800MHz processor.” This means that “with both drive bays populated, the NAS pulls about 15W of power, considerably less than if you were to even leave a light on in your house” – a very impressive feat given that the device is still “fast enough for media streaming or backup.”

After this impressive showing, HTL summed up the device with the following words: “The Thecus N2310 NAS device is a great addition to any home network. With the Thecus N2310 you get a level of business class features, but at a consumer friendly price... The Thecus N2310 is [therefore] awarded the Gold Award, for its economical price, speed, expandability, efficiency, and design.”

Thanks to Wade and the rest of the HiTech Legion team for the review!

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