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“As far as value is concerned, the Thecus N4520 is the absolute leader”
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03/12/2014-The Thecus N4520 took part in a group review of eight 4-bay NAS devices conducted by Hard ‘n Soft. Built by various manufacturers, these NAS were rested in 3 parameters: performance, functionality, and user friendliness. As a result of its rich functionality, affordable price, and high performance, the Thecus N4520 walked away from this grueling group review with the “Justified Price” award.   

To start off with, the review began with a description of the various advantages of NAS systems in general (and 4-bay NAS in particular):

…the 4-bay NAS allows users to create large volumes that are a very well protected place to store information thanks to the ability to create the popular RAID 10 and RAID 5 (as well as  RAID 6 for some models) arrays.” 

The N4520, however, manages to distinguish itself from the rest of the competition with its internals:  

“Thecus N4520 uses its own proprietary operating system based on Linux. Since it's a new model, it runs one of the most popular SoC from Intel — the dual core Intel Atom CE5315 at 1.2 GHz. Its RAM is comprised of four Hynix DDR3-1333 chips providing 512 МB memory each.” 

At the end of the review, Hard ‘n Soft explained why the N4520 was one of the three NAS presented with awards: 

“In general, the new ThecusOS grew even closer to the user and became more helpful when setting up the NAS. This model demonstrated good performance results. In comparison to the other reviewed devices based on Intel processors, this NAS has a very attractive price. That's why, from the value point of view, the Thecus N4520 is the absolute leader in our test and why we presented it with the ‘Justified Price' award.” 

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