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Case Study

Case study of leader in Italian video reviews
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03/11/2014-AVR Magazine is a portal dedicated to mobile phones with a focus on hardware, applications, games, and accessories in the Apple and Android development environments. It is also the leader in Italy for the production of video reviews of games, apps, accessories, Apple and Android products, and IT technology in general. With five dedicated video channels, AVR Magazine has a library of over 1400 full HD videos and publishes new multimedia content daily across various platforms such as websites, forums, social media sites, and TV apps: 

AVR Magazine is managed by developer and web architect Leander Nocente, whom is known in the IT world as the key figure of internet startups such as Mediaset, Tgcom, and Three Italian, as well as the current coordinator of the Italian Post Office computer system, 

“As video is our core business, different video channels such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, and Break need access to them. We have to convert all of these videos and save them onto a master storage device that doesn't have an enterprise-class price tag, but that is still versatile and reliable,” said Leander Nocente. 

“The hunt began in September 2013 for a suitable vendor and the optimal solution was found in the combination of the Thecus N2560 NAS and the 4TB Western Digital Red HDD equipped with NASware 2.0. 

After incorporating this partnership of Thecus and Western Digital products into our workflow for a number of months, we can safely report on strengths and weaknesses:

We are very impressed with the Thecus N2560, not only with its elegant lines, but also its high-level of performance. The bonus inclusion of a healthy 2GB of RAM, which is higher than the average midrange NAS, helps the N2560 easily prove itself to be an excellent resource in the management of massive amounts of important data. 

As for the storage itself, we could not have chosen better. In our configuration we used the 4TB Western Digital with NASware 2.0 and a 64MB cache set up in Raid 1. These HDDs are optimized for NAS systems and really are the best solution to be adopted based on their reliability and performance over time. Compared to other drives, these are quieter and are not affected by heat build-up. 

With this configuration, we have found the optimal tool for our daily workload. Displaying equal parts simplicity and effectiveness, this is a reliable device without an exorbitant price. 

I am confident that our rewarding experience can be shared by those who, like us, produce and publish daily videos; not just because this solution has proven to be extremely versatile and great at meeting the needs of the individual user, but because it can have an impact on the whole company.” 

To read the original case study by AVR Magazine (in Italian), go to: 

For more information on N2560, go to:

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