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“A solid product”
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03/04/2014- There are a lot of NAS out there looking to welcome new users to the world of network storage. So when Thecus released the 2-bay N2310, it touted the device as having ‘Best-in-Class Value' – an invaluable position in the world of consumer electronics.

In an effort then to separate the wheat from the marketing chaff, BCC Hardware took a close look at the N2310 and rated the device based on its quality, features, compatibility, installation, performance, and value.

Quality and Installation

BCC Hardware's take on the N2310's design was that it was “traditional,” “functional,” “minimalistic,” and all togethera nice looking piece of hardware.” The setup process itself was found to vindicate another of the product's claims, namely that would be completed within 5 minutes.

Features and Compatibility

With a description like “a nice lean bundle that will get the job done in virtually every situation,” it's easy to see that the N2310's feature list is going to be fairly extensive. There is the notification area (“where you can set up alerts for email notifications or beep notifications drive failure, power failure… and more”), Time Machine backup, iTunes server, Plex, FTP, Web Server, DDNS, WebDAV support, user accounts, quotas, a downloadable CrashPlan app (“which is a great free cloud-backup service that lets you connect your box to any other machine that you authorize that is also running the CrashPlan application”), and “a ton of extra configuration options.”

In terms of hardware compatibility, the N2310's USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports also support various external devices such as printers, optical drives, and UPS. In testing this feature, BCC Hardware found that they “had no issues setting up a printer on the N2310 and it did work well with [their] APC UPS.”


Starting again with the claimed performance of the device, Thecus highlighted on the box that read speeds could reach 100MB/s and write 80MB/s. In BCC Hardware's initial benchmarking, however, they “saw the write performance exceed the claims when using a RAID 0 array.” And when they moved onto real-world write tests, write speed of just over 96.6MB/s were recorded. With these results (which in real-world performance matched much more expensive NAS), it's understandable that the N2310's performance was described as “rather stellar.”


The final piece of the puzzle would then be whether the N2310 can live up to its claims about being great value. As mentioned above, BCC Hardware found that the N2310 was “a solid product” with a price-tag well under $200, two facts that led them to conclude their review by expressing their pleasure at finding a unit that was both affordable and effective.

So best-in-class value? BCC Hardware seemed to think so with their Editor's Choice Gold Award and the following send-off:

[For] users needing affordable network storage, the N2310 is a great place to start.”

Thanks to Benjamin and the rest of the BCC Hardware team for the review!  

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