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“A solid Linux server”
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02/24/2014- A question often asked about the Thecus N2310 is how it balances price, performance, and features. Does the affordable price tag make the N2310 limited in terms of its performance and features? Or does it strike just the right balance between the power and feature-set best suited for home and SOHO environments?  Coming out this week was We Got Served's answer to just that question.

A real bargain

Being a home/SOHO-targeted device, the Thecus N2310 comes “in a nice consumer-oriented package,” with the device itself also having “a nice bit [of] style to it.” What's more, the 2-bay's advanced design means it takes up little room (“especially considering that this little device can handle up to 8 TB of hard disk space”). Also noticeable is the USB Copy button on the front of the N2310.

If you use USB drives to carry important data when you are on the move, you might find this feature quite useful.  Simply stick a USB drive in either the USB 2.0 or 3.0 port, push the USB Copy button on the front panel, and any data on the external USB drive will be copied into a ‘USBCopy' folder on the NAS unit.”

Once the NAS is set up, a short tour of the software options reveals “that the Thecus N2310 is as full featured NAS device as you find from any high-end NAS company.” These native features (along with “the array of external apps one can install off the Thecus website”), really do make this little black box “a real bargain” (especially when its fine-tuned performance is taken into account).

The N2310 is targeted for home use, and should perform quite adequately for that target audience.  It has a software feature set on a par with other major NAS manufacturers, and an array of 3rd-party app add-ons that will fill most anyone's server needs… In the end, for a low entry fee of $163.28/£111.39 you will find a solid Linux server in the Thecus N2310.”

Thanks to Jim and the rest of the We Got Served team for the review!  

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