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“A friendly NAS”
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02/20/2014-Another great review has been added to the list of the 2-bay multimedia NAS, the N2560. This time around, the Intel® Atom™ SoC based NAS was tested by IT Expert, Russia, and was found to be easy to use, have an elegant interface, great performance for this category of NAS hardware, and a great variety of software functions.

The external design of the N2560 was described as follows:   

“The design is pleasant. Its small size, sleek plastic, rounded corners, and simple controls attract regular users. Even with a quick glance at the device I don't feel like using the word ‘Server' or ‘Disk volume'. Well, the best fitting name seems to be ‘home entertainment center'.” 

The N2560 has great connectivity, which makes it a perfect multimedia NAS: “At the back of the NAS you will find an S/PDIF and HDMI output, Gigabit LAN port, and two USB 2.0 ports — you can attach additional external disks and other devices to them”. 

The N2560's usability has been repeatedly discussed by the media that has reviewed the device and IT Expert was no exception:  

“The NAS setup and configuration took just a few minutes. The fan is very quiet: when it's working you will hardly hear it.  Having entered the configuration interface I discovered a comprehensive desktop with beautiful graphics and large clear thumbnails. Thecus N2560 runs the latest version of the ThecusOS, and the standard functionality is easily expandable with the help of additional modules provided by both the manufacturer and third-party developers.” 

For its rich functionality, user friendliness, and affordable price, IT Expert awarded the N2560 with their “Best Purchase” award.  

The full review of Thecus N2560 can be found in the February 2014 edition of IT Expert, Russia. 

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