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“A nice surprise”
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02/13/2014-Coming out last week with their latest in-depth analysis of IT hardware was TechPowerUp and their detailed look at the Thecus N2310. With 20 pages of unflinching investigative tech journalism, this was a review determined to leave no stone unturned.


Not skipping a single aspect of the NAS package, TechPowerUp took note early on in their review of the included software. The Thecus Backup Utility, for example, allows users to create automated backup tasks. The custom operating system, ThecusOS 6, was considered “a much better windowed interface,” highlighting the continued efforts of the Thecus software team. Included in this system are “a flashing firmware update icon [that] will appear on top of the task bar should one be available,” a File Sharing/Privilege tool that “makes adding a huge number of users or groups automatically easy,” a pre-installed BitTorrent client which “turns [the NAS] into an independent download station”, and an iTunes server application for “[playing] multimedia files stored on the NAS over your iTunes client.” Moving on to the N2310's mobile connectivity, TechPowerUp made sure to mention T-OnTheGo, Thecus Share, and Dashboard (all available for Android and iOS).


Straight out of the box the N2310 is ready to impress, with its small form factor making “placing it anywhere in your home a breeze” and Channel Well Technology AC adaptor (“a big PSU OEM of high repute”).

Moving into the power usage, the 2-bay's SoC thermal design power is noted as “so low that it doesn't even need a passive heatsink to keep cool” and “very green indeed.” In fact, not only did the unit have the lowest power consumption in idle and at load (compared to the 16 other NAS on the TechPowerUp charts), but it even had the lowest vampire (standby) power measurement (at 0.18W).

So when it came to the network transfer speed of the N2310, it was quite a surprise that the N2310 could “easily meet those of the more expensive competition,” with a pretty good performance serving “up to three clients, achieving close to 100 MB/s overall transfer speed.”

With everything said and done

Taking all of this into account, TechPowerUp concluded that when it came to performance per dollar, the N2310 again belonged at the top of the charts. As a result of its “incredibly affordable price” and “decent performance” (not to mention its “ultra-low power consumption”), TechPowerUp stamped the N2310 “Great Value!

Thanks to Aris and the rest of the TechPowerUp team for the review!  

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