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“It's a great time to be in the market for a NAS”
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02/07/2014- Over the past decade, network storage has experienced two great shifts: one into the cloud and one into people's homes. The proliferation of cloud-based services can be explained by improved connectivity while the second is still up for debate. UK-based technology reporting and review website Hexus recently wrote that the greatest driving force is perhaps the growing affordability of NAS. So given the Thecus commitment to providing the market with products for every segment, it should come as no surprise that their latest 2-bay provides impressive home-server essentials at a very affordable price.

Managing to impress

For individuals and small offices looking for “simplicity and capable performance from a well-known brand,” the N2310 is marketed as a best-in-class value device. So what features and performance does this latest 2-bay offer to back up such a claim? For one, it took Hexus less than 5 minutes to set up the N2310 and have access to its “support for RAID 0 and 1, built in iTunes, print and FTP servers, dedicated BitTorrent client, scheduled on/off, multiple backup facilities, companion apps for iOS and Android, as well as Plex Media Server integration.” And in terms of performance, the N2310 was similarly set to stun:

The NAS was able to accept 8.83GB of mixed-size files at a rate of 82MB/s, which is as quick as we've seen for a server at this price point.”

But how does this benefit the average home or office? Hexus noted that the N2310 can, even at its most basic level, “consolidate your data in a central location, make it available to all of your devices and promise comprehensive backup and security.” So as a result of this PowerPC-based solution's “good mix of speed, functionality and ease of use,” Hexus gave it their stamp of approval and concluded that “anyone looking to take their first steps into network-attached storage should have this little box on their radar.”

Thanks to Parm and the rest of the Hexus team for the review.

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