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The tiny NAS wonder cleans up with a final score of 95%
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11/04/2009When most people get a glance of the Thecus® N0204 miniNAS, they find it hard to believe that something so small could contain so much functionality. In reality, the N0204 squeezes a fully-functioned NAS server into a tiny package not much larger than a paperback book. AMD Zone recently brought the N0204 into their test labs, and were so impressed with the unit, that they decided to give it a final score of 95% and their highly coveted Editor's Choice Award!

AMD Zone kicks things off with a short introduction of the N0204: "We've looked at several NAS solutions from Thecus and though they offer plenty of options, features, drive bays, and more they're also not cheap and not small. However, Thecus now has a solution to that, the N0204 miniNAS pocket RAID storage. Here's the back of the Thecus which holds the two 2.5" hard drives, contains the Gigabit Ethernet port, another USB input, and the power button and "On" switch. It's very simple click the eject buttons and the tray unlocks and screw in a 2.5" hard drive. It can't get much easier than that."

Brilliantly engineered, the N0204 is small, quiet, and cool: "Here we see the Thecus storage next to a 12 oz can of Pepsi, as you can see it is only slight taller and wider than that can. Pretty remarkable. Here's the side of the N02040 with vents for air circulation. In our testing the unit basically made no noise and did not get hot so it should be fine in an entertainment center and shouldn't cause a disturbance while playing back media."

Here's the overall conclusion: "Overall the Thecus N0204 features a pretty awesome and unique design, creating literally the world's smallest NAS which is also quiet and should have no problems fitting anywhere. 2.5" drives generally won't be as fast as their 3.5" counterparts but this allows for no onboard power supply and also a much smaller design. At this price level it also becomes much more attractive to building out a whole other system to handle your storage duties and the power consumption is almost moot. If you're looking for a simple RAID storage setup or not RAID at all and something stream and transfer media off of. The Thecus N0204 mini-NAS comes in at around $180 which is definitely cheaper than building your own RAID storage solution especially at this small a level."

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