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Versatile NAS device impresses editors with flexibility and value
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10/02/2009Users everywhere are finding new and innovative uses for a compact NAS device like the Thecus® N0204 miniNAS. Hardware Portal from Russia recently has the chance to test the N0204, and after using it for while, found that it is indeed a handy device that delivers excellent flexibility, low power consumption, and tremendous value.

Hardware Portal starts by talking about just some of the possibilities using the N0204: "This server looks like a normal external drive that is a little thicker. But it has many advantages over conventional disks. Consider the possibility of using mobile file servers. The first thing that a really climbs on the page is a mobile studio. Whoever has seen the work of journalists at events would understand that the workplace they have is always difficult. And what could be simpler than copying working pictures with one click via USB directly on the NAS without a computer, and having them immediately available to the rest of the team, irrespective of whether they work on Mac or PC."

What's really great about the N0204 is how little power it requires: "By its own energy consumption, the Thecus N0204 MiniNAS beats all records - only 5 watts. For those who need energy efficiency, this machine has no competition."

The verdict: "The average retail price of the Thecus N0204 MiniNAS is 6500 rubles. Considering this, the file server is going at a record low price. And given all this, you understand that the developer could still create a device, much of which will be discussed together with the words "most" or "very" - The “very” smallest, the “most” green, “very” quiet and “very” cheap. This device solves the problems associated with mobile data availability. It can be recommended for those who are already faced with the need to have a portable data bank, accessible to multiple clients or those users who require utmost compactness."

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