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Small size and robust feature set are a big hit with editors
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09/14/2009Sometimes you really can't judge a book by its cover. One look at the Thecus® N0204 and one might assume it was just another external hard disk. But take a look under hood, and you'll find that it is a fully-featured NAS unit. Russia's iXBT recently reviewed this small wonder, and in the end, the N0204 blew away their expectations, delivering strong performance and features in a tiny form factor.

iXBT gives us a quick tour of some of the N0204's physical features: "The device is almost entirely covered with ventilation grills - active cooling is provided, so it is quite logical. At the front are the usual indicators (activity drives, network activity, the state of the device), USB port and a backlit button to copy data from a mapped drive. In the rear - the slots for the installation disk, input power, a network port, and a second port USB. Interestingly, despite the compact size, the device has a compartment for discs with the possibility of hot-swapping."

The N0204 is tiny but mighty: "The results showed that the decrease in physical size does not impact on productivity. Maximum speed of reading is almost 40 MB / s - the rate for the Dual-model looks quite good...In particular, RAID 1 while reading two large files, is dramatically different not only from a single disc, but also an array of RAID 0. In general, the results are very good, and to be honest we did not expect it in such a small device."

The iXBT verdict: "The Thecus N0204 certainly stands out from the mass of current network drives. Using the 2.5'' disc format significantly reduces the size of the device. This has had virtually no impact on functionality - it supports all major network protocols, with the exception of NFS. Also not affected is performance as the speed of the device ahead of many dual disk models of other companies. And to further function as a standalone system, downloadable modules significantly add to the possibilities and convenience. The suggested price of this model is 6600 rubles, which is lower than many devices with a pair of 3.5" hard drives."

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