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" Do we like the N2050? Hell yes, it's great."
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03/30/2006 –With the amount of digital media accumulating in our daily lives, a convenient way to store this data is becoming a necessity. The N2050 features great eSATA performance and true ease-of-use, and Hexus found this to be very true in its latest review. So much, in fact, Hexus editors decided to award it with not one, but two awards!

Hexus introduces the YES Box N2050: "The N2050 is, at the end of the day, a swanky mass storage device. That means it's pretty much plug and play for any OS, certainly over USB, and if you want to cheat and make it a NAS style device, then if you attach it to a machine that's on all the time, you can set it up as a shared drive, or add it to your FTP server's paths, whatever tickles your fancy."

Performance and ease-of-use are hallmarks of the N2050: "What we're trying to say here, is that it's pretty easy to set up, providing you know how a screwdriver works....The bottom line is that performance is good... impressive even. Using eSATA, transfer rates are comparable to that of an internal RAID solution, and it would be wrong of us to expect more than we got from USB 2.0...With the N2050 on eSATA DAS, it's as though you're using an internal RAID array. Performance is impressive, and the reliability that RAID 1 brings is always welcomed. Based on the N2100 case, it's as well built and reliable as it is quick, so a pat on the back for Thecus...the N2050 is well constructed, and it does its own RAID extra CPU load for speed/security, thanks."

The verdict: "Do we like the N2050? Hell yes, it's great. You do have to fork out a fair bit for it, though, when you consider £100 will get you a drive-less product. Then you've got to make sure the drives you buy are compatible. Still, we like the idea and the implementation. Bottom line time. Thecus' N2050 is a great product. If you need an external storage solution that performs well, while giving the option of data security, and can live with DAS instead of NAS, the N2050 is definitely worth it. Make sure you're going to benefit from the features it provides though; ensure it's £100 well spent, or else get something simpler and cheaper. Recommended to the media enthusiast who needs somewhere to keep their overflowing collection of encoded files and highly commended for its performance over eSATA."

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