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“A top of the line performer with every bell and whistle”
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09/10/2009Nowadays, people are collecting more and more digital media. Music, movies, ebooks… the list goes on and on. To store and enjoy all of it, the Thecus® M3800 combines a world-class NAS device with a media sharing server. Legit Reviews just tested this three-bay bombshell, and after close examination, found a lot to love.

The M3800 is incredibly easy to set up: "The drive rails for the M3800 are essentially toolless. They have little nubs that wedge into the screw slots of the hard drive. After attaching the hard drive rails to our Seagate 7200.12's we were fairly impressed on this design. Even though I don't see why we would be swapping the hard drives in and out of this unit (especially running RAID 5), it's good to know that you will not need any special tools or equipment to replace a drive."

The M3800 is a great place to store your digital media: "The Thecus Stream Box identified all the supported files and folders that we had loaded. There is a little preview window that starts to play the file when the files is highlighted – a pretty cool feature, we must add."

Of course, its performance was stellar: "Once the files were uploaded to the network attached storage server, we then downloaded them back to a new location on the client machine. The download speed was quicker and the top speed seen was 48.2 MB/s during the download. These are solid performance numbers for a three drive RAID 5 array with the hard drives that we selected to use."

The verdict: "When looking at how the M3800 performed as a NAS, there is very little to complain about. The NAS was not only rock solid in its performance and very easy to set up, it communicated very well with the drives that we populated the box with. As a NAS, the Thecus M3800 is a top of the line performer with every bell and whistle you can ask for and more than adequate transfer speeds."

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