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Enterprise-class network storage just got easier
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10/14/2005 – Enterprise-class networks are turning more and more to the advantages of a file server that allows data to be saved into a central location. The editors of IT Magazine recently had a chance to review the Thecus N4100 NAS Storage Device. Besides the surprisingly sleek form factor, editors praised its full feature set, and decided to award it an impressive rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars!

IT Magazine begins by introducing the N4100: "The first thing you'll notice is its 4 drive bays which utilize a SATA interface. Not only is this more convenient, but it also allows for quicker data transfers. More importantly, the SATA interface on the N4100 allows for hot-swapping, which comes in very handy when maintaining the drives. The cost difference between SATA and traditional IDE is minimal, making it the superior choice."

So how are the data security features on the N4100? "The N4100's four drive bays are very flexible, supporting several storage modes including RAID 0, 1, 5, and JBOD. Users can configure the device according to their usage preferences. If three or more hard disks are installed, RAID 5 can be used for extra data security. If any of the installed disks happens to fail, simply replace the damaged disk and all of the data is restored."

IT Magazine particularly emphasized the N4100's ease-of-use: "The N4100 uses a web-based interface, making it very convenient. Once inside the web interface, administrators can manage the N4100 with ease, including sharing, permissions, user accounts, and hard disk status."

Here is the conclusion: "The easy-to-configure Thecus N4100 with 4 SATA drive bays, multiple RAID functions, and Gigabit Ethernet is the quickest way to setup an office network. The N4100 from Thecus a very suitable product for companies that want to set up a file server, or increase their network storage space."

For the full review, check out p.107-108 of IT Magazine, Issue 224.

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