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"Thecus N5500 with its redundant DOM, enterprise features, performance will blow you away"
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08/31/2009Users who need a central place to store their digital data require both security and performance. When eAegis put the Thecus® N5500 on to the test bench, they had no idea they had their hands on the most powerful NAS in its class. In the end, they awarded the N5500 with their highest rating yet – a whopping 95%, saying “The N5500 has no peers in this category!”

The N5500 comes with a wide variety of storage modes for ultimate data security: "Supported RAID modes - RAID 0, 1, 5,6,10, JBOD, that is good start and the RAID features that it supports are Auto-rebuild, Hot-Swap, Hot-Spare, Global Hot-Spare and this in combination with Multiple RAID support allows a host of RAID permutations that will blow any random number combination sky high! Currently the Thecus N5500 will support up to 10TB of storage in the combination of 5 x 2TB drives…All RAID volumes can also be encrypted for ultimate data protection and added security."

Performance was second-to-none: "The Real World Test performances results are an average of twelve full test cycles and clearly show the outstanding performance returned by the Thecus N5500, it is blazingly fast! Read and Write speeds are a credible 103.40MB/s and 113.28MB/s respectively. Thecus N5500 is clearly not going to disappoint in the area of performance...Drag and Drop clearly highlight the N5500 is far superior then many we have tested, the Thecus N5500 has clearly passed with flying colors in the performance benchmarks, as this section results are impressive."

Here's the verdict: "Thecus N5500 with its redundant DOM, enterprise features, performance that will blow you away, sleek looks with fine build quality, and a price tag that will not burn a hole in your pocket, make the N5500 a class act to follow. Overall, the highest points awarded by us to date have been earned by the Thecus N5500, and takes our Oscar for overall top points earned by any NAS in this class. The N5500 has no peers in this category."

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