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A RAID-enabled external hard disk box
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3/28/2006 –Leading storage solution provider Thecus Technology first introduced several network attached storage devices aimed at small to medium enterprises – the N4100 and YES Box N2100. Recently, it launched a new storage device designed for the individual user – the N2050. In the latest March issue, Professional PC publication IT Magazine reviews the new N2050 and liked it so much, give it a score of 4.5 stars out of a possible 5!

Here's how IT Magazine introduces the N2050: "The look of the N2050 continues upon the style of the YES Box N2100, with a clean front panel featuring a power on/off button and four hard disk power and working LEDs. Being light and small is a definite plus…on the motherboard we can see the all-important Silicon Image bridge controller (SATA to SATA), with each connection supplying the highest 3Gbp/sec transfer rate. The N2050 even supports a standard eSATA interface."

But how was the N2050 in practice? "Setting up the N2050 is extremely simple and fast. Opening the top cover, you can see all of the internal components. Simply removing the hard disk rack and installing the hard disks accounts for 90% of the total setup. The final step is to select the RAID mode of your hard disks (RAID 0 or 1). The N2050 doesn't use additional software for management, simply adjust the selection at the back of the unit and power on the device. The N2050 includes USB 2.0 and eSATA interfaces. Since the number of eSATA-enabled motherboards and systems are still relatively small, Thecus also makes a Deluxe Edition which includes a Silicon Image controller card. Alternatively, users can also opt to purchase a SATA to eSATA converter card and directly connect to the SATA ports on their PC's motherboard to take advantage of the efficient transfer rates of the eSATA interface."

The conclusion: "Looking at the external hard disk boxes on the market, complete packages like the N2050 should be your first consideration, especially from a cost standpoint. The N2050 is very suitable for the storage needs of individuals, home users, and small office groups. If you're looking for a RAID or eSATA-enabled external hard disk box that offers a complete package from a design or cost standpoint, the N2050 is a truly wonderful choice."

For the full review, check out the March 2006 issue of IT Magazine, p.23~25.
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