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“The Thecus N4100PRO is a good powerful network storage device”
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tomshardwareguide08/26/2009With powerful hardware at its core and a laundry list of friendly features, the Thecus® N4100PRO is a four-bay NAS that has been winning the hearts of hardware enthusiasts everywhere. Tom's Hardware Guide Russia has the opportunity to put the N4100PRO through the paces to see if it lived up to the hype. Once they were done with it, THG editors were thoroughly impressed, saying that The Thecus N4100PRO is a good powerful network storage device.”

Here is an introduction to the N4100PRO: "Thecus N4100 PRO is built on the processor AMD Geode LX800 and is managed by an operating system based on Linux. In general, the technical facilities can be described as one of the most "advanced", and one of the main differences is the LCD. It displays the status of Thecus N4100PRO and technical parameters: temperature, speed of rotation of the fan, the RAID status, and the network address. The rotational speed of the fans shows no accident - the device is able to regulate it. With this function, NAS, in most conditions virtually no noise. The display can also display the date and time that will be useful for everyday use."

Performance was a definite highlight as well: "Thecus N4100PRO has shown excellent results. The read speed of 35 MB/s that were claimed the company was indeed achieved in many tests. In general, productivity on the Thecus N4100PRO came out on top, showing excellent results in RAID0 and in default JBOD. Additionally, the use of Jumbo Frames will be able to increase the speed from 2 to 15 Mbytes / sec. We recorded a read speed of 49.7 MB/s when using RAID1 and Jumbo."

And what was the verdict? "The Thecus N4100PRO is a good powerful network storage device. Its high-performance hardware provides excellent operational speed, of which you can take full advantage if a gigabit network is used. The speed of data transmission from and to the device will only be limited by your network connection speed. NAS with the LCD screen looks stylish and works very quietly through the adjustable rotational speed of the fan."

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