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"A device which is in the top of its class"
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08/17/2009In the world of five-bay NAS devices, the Thecus® N5200PRO rules the roost with top-notch performance, friendly features, and rock-solid data security. The latest review comes from the editors of DnR Hardware, who brought the N5200PRO into their test labs. After subjecting the N5200PRO to a variety of tests, DnR Hardware editors came to the same conclusion – the N5200PRO is “a device which is in the top of its class,” giving it their coveted DnR Hardware Gold Award!

To kick things off, editors began with a short introduction of the N5200PRO: "At first glance the Thecus N5200B PRO is a mature product. First and foremost are 5 indicator LEDs, on / off and reset buttons, status display, 4 control buttons and 1 USB connection. The rear houses the power socket and switch, 3 USB (2 type A and 1 type B) connectors, 1 eSATA, 2 serial and gigabit network port. Included are a power and network cable, the key to the disc trays to open the drive trays themselves and 2 CDs (one with backup software in the form of Drive Clone 3 Pro and a Thecus CD with installation software and manuals."

The N5200PRO offers some impressive features: "Several features extracted from the N5200B PRO are nice. A few interesting options such as scheduled power on/off the device at regular intervals or the possibility of the 2 network connections in load balancing (sharing of network traffic) or failover (automatic switching between the other network connection). There is also a wide choice of different RAID types."

The conclusion? "The N5200B PRO is a mature and robust product that provides consumers a 'safe' central place to store data. For SMEs, this product may be a very interesting alternative to the expensive storage servers from established brands like HP and Dell. Especially because of the performance and redundancy through the network, the N5200B PRO is very suitable."

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