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Strong features and diminutive size impress editors
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07/23/2009When most people take a look at the pint-sized Thecus® miniNAS N0204, they assume it's just one of the many external hard disks out there already on the market. But take a look under the hood, and you'll see that the N0204 is a fully-featured NAS device. The editors of BitCity had the opportunity to test this little wonder. At the end, the N0204 scored some very high marks, and even snagged the BitCity Award!

BitCity introduces us to some of the N0204's defining attributes: "Thecus N0204 is a miniNAS network device for data storage, and is characterized by a very small size case. It is a NAS for home and small office, where they are required easy integration into an existing network. The Thecus N0204 measures just 132x88x63 mm and can accommodate up to two 2.5” SATA hard disks…The front side has a USB socket for connecting pen drives and other mass storage units, in addition to a button for the direct copy function and LED status lights. The back of miniNAS N0204 incorporates a second USB port, in addition to the RJ-45 network connector with speeds up to 1 Gbit. As an option, you can use a USB dongle to convert the unit into a wireless device."

The N0204 excels at securing data: "The Thecus MiniNAS N0204 is in fact independent and, thanks to the two slots, can accommodate two hard drives with capacities up to 500GB, the highest currently available on 2.5 models. Thanks to the integrated logic you can manage two disks in RAID 0, 1 and JBOD, if you require space (Stripe) or safety (Mirror). The unit manages the removal of the disks via Hot Swap, and is able to array auto-rebuild in case of damage."

Although small, the N0204 comes loaded with some impressive features: "Among the most useful functions in the home is the ability to copy the data from a USB pen drive with just one press of the button up front. Last but not least, the N0204 has the ability to turn a USB printer / IPP into a network printer, making it available for all users on the LAN."

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