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"The M3800 has all the features to make it a great NAS"
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07/08/2009 Most people looking for a home NAS want one that can do it all. Not only should it be able to store and secure data, but also make it easy for users to enjoy their stored media. Recently, Gaming Nexus had the opportunity to test the Thecus® M3800 – a media centric three-bay NAS. In the end, Gaming Nexus editors were extremely impressed with the unit.

To begin, Gaming Nexus starts with a short introduction of the M3800: "After my first NAS review for Thecus, I was really impressed by what it offered, how well it performed, and how solid it has been. When I saw that Thecus was making a media centric NAS, I was pretty excited. The ability to plug the device into any HD TV and just have a lightweight box to view video as well as the peace of mind of RAID support really makes for keeping your media on the device a great option...The M3800 is a 3 bay NAS powered by an AMD Geode processor. The AMD Geode LX800 runs at 500Mhz and it's a low power processor with 256MB ram onboard. Such specs would procure it from running most OS other than Linux variations and as such this one does too like all the other Thecus NAS devices. The three bays on the front support up to 1TB each allowing you a maximum of 3TB worth of SATA hard drive space. Each bay has a screen on the front to allow air to flow through and cool the hard drives. The front also features an LCD display that will give you the status of the NAS as well as output some of the menus that you can traverse through."

Putting the M3800 together is extremely easy: "Access to the bays is pretty easy as you just push the top half of the front plate covering the bays up and it comes out. There are three rail systems that can easily be removed by the large finger screws. The rails attach to the hard drive using tension as there are some clips that go into the hard drive screw holes. Just stick one on each side of the hard drive and then slide them into one of the bays. They are screwed into the M3800 via thumb screws that are easily turned by hand. Each of the thumb screws are spring loaded so they do produce some tension when installed all the way into the bay."

And the verdict? "The M3800 has all the features to make it a great NAS and if you aren't going to use the multimedia setup then it will suit your needs to secure your files provided you have the hard drives installed and RAID configuration setup. But, the M3800 isn't just a NAS and Thecus does want you to use it to play back items as well on your TV.

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