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"A great NAS I would certainly not hesitate to recommend to others"
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07/02/2009Home users looking for a NAS unit need something that has enough capacity to hold their digital media, but not too large where it doesn't make sense from a cost standpoint. Enter the N3200PRO from Thecus® - a perfect blend of performance, capacity and features for home users. Overclockers Club put the N3200PRO through a battery of tests, and in the end, walked away thoroughly impressed. In fact, OCC editors saw it fitting to bestow the N3200PRO with their OCC Silver Award!

The N3200PRO offers an ideal drive configuration for the home user: "RAID 5 Comes Home. That's what it says on the box and it sums up a lot of what's great about the N3200PRO – a three-bay network attached storage server for the home user that features RAID 5. The unit occupies a nice niche between lower powered 2-bay units than can only offer RAID 1 protection and more powerful units than have four or more bays more suited for business users that offer RAID 5 protection yet cost two to three times as much. If Goldilocks was sampling NAS servers at the Three Bears' house she would look at Baby Bear's two-drive unit and say ‘This NAS is too small!' and move on to Papa Bear's business-class unit and say ‘This NAS is too big!' and Mama Bear's N3200PRO would cause her to exclaim ‘This NAS is just right!'"

Performance and features, all in one unit: "The N3200PRO still has a lot going for it. Its feature set is fairly complete and on par with other home NAS products and the performance is impressive for its class...the N3200PRO certainly turned it some good performance numbers and even managed to match and best the business class units in a few tests. Its RAID 5 capability sets it apart from the other home NAS servers and the tool less drive mounting feature and hot swap capability are noteworthy. I also really like features such as the ISO Mount and the ability to designate a hot spare drive for RAID 1 volumes."

•Excellent overall performance
•ISO Mount feature
•Tool less hard drive installation
•Drive hot swapping
•RAID 1 hot spare
•S.M.A.R.T. reporting capability
•eSATA support
•RAID 5 support in a home NAS server
•Performance vs. price point

The verdict? "The N3200PRO would make an excellent addition to any home network and its strong performance, outstanding RAID 1/RAID 5 data protection and ability to store up to 3TB of data should place this on any home user's short list of NAS units to buy. The N3200PRO is a great NAS, one that I would certainly not hesitate to recommend to others."

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