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"Quite an improvement in DAS technology"
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2/24/2005 – With the amount of digital media out there to enjoy, who's got time to waste? That why Thecus Technology has developed the World's First eSATA on DAS solution with the N2050. The folks from Cadsite Group recently took a look at the pint-sized wonder, and after some extensive testing, were truly impressed with the N2050's extreme data transfer speeds and ease-of-use. With a low cost and extreme ease-of-use, the Thecus N2050 is an ideal storage solution: "...considering the cost and ease of installation of the Thecus N2050, I am happy with the DAS (Direct Attached Storage) solution. There is absolutely no software needed for the N2050! And it just goes! In the end I figured that if you have a PC on the end of a network somewhere, why not just access the DAS through a Shared networked drive from a PC."

The sheer data transfer speeds of the N2050 never fail to impress: "I have yet to connect the
N2050 through the eSATA controller (reportedly six times faster speed than high speed
USB2.0) although network access through the USB2.0 connection right now seems great."

The verdict: "I had previously reviewed the NETGEAR Storage Central SC101 NAS and was not impressed. The unit got very hot, required client software on each PC and could not auto re-build the RAID1. In fact you had to transfer all the data from the remaining good drive (to somewhere else!) before replacing the faulty one, formatting for RAID 1, then transfer all the data back to the SC101. The Thecus N2050 is quite an improvement in DAS (and NAS) technology providing true RAID services for home users or small business with minimal setup and absolutely no software required."

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