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Editors call it a "great little NAS box"
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1/10/2006 – Storing and safeguarding mission-critical data is becoming a necessity for many businesses, but the question is how to do it both simply and cost-effectively? After a series of tests, tech news website The Inquirer discovered that the N4100 NAS device does just that, declaring that it is "is a solid box for its target market."

Inquirer editors begin by introducing the N4100: "The outside of the unit is very well done, clean, compact and almost entirely tool-free. Each drive carrier has individual power and activity LEDs, and the front of the unit has ample status indicators. There are power, busy, LAN1, LAN2 and error lights, all except the busy have fairly intuitive pictographs beside them. The power button has a large PC power symbol on it, but the much smaller reset button has a rather cryptic triangle symbol. Either way, anyone with a vague familiarity with computers can figure it out in no time without a manual."

Editors loved the N4100's ease-of-use: "So, how does it work? Very well. I am writing this from the perspective of someone with a clue about setting up networks, this is a SOHO or small business device, if you don't have the skills to set up a rudimentary server, you probably should not be setting up a NAS box to go with it. With that in mind, getting the N4100 up and configured was a piece of cake for me, the only thing I needed to look at the manual for was the default IP and default password. If you can config a PC's IP and know what raid level you want, you should be able to set it up with ease too."

The verdict? "Overall, the Thecus N4100 is a solid box for its target market. A quick check around the web shows several places that have it for around $700, give or take a bit. With four 320GB drives, you can get almost a TB of usable space for $1000, the $1/GB NAS barrier is about to fall. With no problems found in my beating on it, and throughput limited by my network, I would have no problem buying an N4100 for a small business...As long as it will be enough for you, and I expect that it will, this is a great little NAS box."

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