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News Releases

2017-11-16 Tech News
Improvement in medical organization infrastructure to provide security and improve patient care
2017-10-31 Events
Thecus grows storage awareness in the Middle East
2017-10-26 Tech News
Upgraded Thecus OS makes High-Performance N5810PRO faster and easier to use
2017-10-24 Awards/Reviews
”Shines with high transfer rates and low price”
2017-10-19 Events
Thecus influence grows at largest Middle Eastern Technology Week
2017-10-19 Tech News
ThecusOS 7.0 enhanced with Scale-Out functionality
2017-10-17 Product News
The most affordable Smart Home NAS series on the market
2017-10-12 Awards/Reviews
“An excellent cost-effective entry-level NAS”
2017-10-05 Tech News
Seagate IronWolf (Pro), HGST Ultrastar He12 and WD Gold with 12 TByte each added to Thecus' compatibility lists
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