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News Releases

2017-02-22 Announcements
Thecus honored to be recognized twice for the N2810PRO and the N5810PRO
2017-02-21 Tech News
“Considering that we are using this WSS as a home PC for its multimedia functionality, why not as a living room console with two controllers.”
2017-02-20 Awards/Reviews
“The Thecus N4810 is the system to buy if you want the best bang for your buck.”
2017-02-18 Announcements
Thecus® and Ingram Micro Europe partnership set to reach new heights in 2017.
2017-02-16 Awards/Reviews
“The W4810 a great choice if data protection is a top priority”
2017-02-14 Awards/Reviews
“The ideal NAS for Home and Office.”
2017-02-09 Awards/Reviews
“Thecus Technology Corp. is one of the very few storage solutions manufacturers that offer not only Linux based NAS but NAS working on Windows Storage Server as well.”
2017-02-08 Awards/Reviews
“The N2810PRO shines across all disciplines.”
2017-01-26 Announcements
Windows Storage Server 2016, where business meets simplicity.
2017-01-25 Awards/Reviews
"In the era of connectivity, to centralize, to protect and to share data, has become a commonplace, but you need to be properly equipped."
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