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News Releases

2017-02-09 Awards/Reviews
“Thecus Technology Corp. is one of the very few storage solutions manufacturers that offer not only Linux based NAS but NAS working on Windows Storage Server as well.”
2017-02-08 Awards/Reviews
“The N2810PRO shines across all disciplines.”
2017-01-26 Announcements
Windows Storage Server 2016, where business meets simplicity.
2017-01-25 Awards/Reviews
"In the era of connectivity, to centralize, to protect and to share data, has become a commonplace, but you need to be properly equipped."
2017-01-24 Awards/Reviews
2017-01-19 Awards/Reviews
"Affordable, business-friendly, 4-bay network storage with powerful multimedia functionality”
2017-01-18 Tech News
Increase your business' storage capacity with Thecus' WSS series
2017-01-17 Awards/Reviews
The N7770-10G delivers Uninterrupted Accessibility with HA
2017-01-12 Awards/Reviews
“If you're looking to manage a Windows server in your environment, I can safely say that the W2810PRO delivers”
2017-01-11 Case Study
Thecus® Technology Corp. meets university budget requirements and delivers reliable, high-performance and modern solutions for university data virtualization and management
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